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Can You Brush Your Dentures While They’re in Your Mouth?

May 28, 2021

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If you have dentures, you probably already know how important it is to keep them clean. Not only does it prevent them from getting stained, but it prolongs their lifespan so that you get the most out of your investment. Your dentist gave you guidelines on cleaning dentures, but taking them out to clean them takes some time. It’s also a step in your oral hygiene routine that you’re not used to. Can you brush your dentures while they’re in your mouth? Keep reading to find out.

Is It Possible to Brush Your Dentures While You’re Wearing Them?

Yes, you certainly can brush your dentures while they’re in your mouth. However, it isn’t the most effective way to clean them.

The main problem is that you won’t be able to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the denture unless you take it out. While brushing some parts of the denture is better than brushing none of it, food debris and bacteria can linger on the areas that you haven’t cleaned. Not only does this contribute to bad breath and discoloration, but it increases your risk of infections in your mouth.

In order to keep your denture (and the rest of your mouth) in good condition, you’ll need to use a specialized denture toothbrush to clean key areas. This will be much easier if you simply take your dentures out. While it does take a few extra seconds than it would if you’d kept the dentures in, it’s time well spent to keep your smile healthy.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures

If you want your dentures to last as long as possible, you’ve got to give them daily care. Here are some denture cleaning tips that you should take if you’re not already:

  • Remove them after eating – Rinse your dentures to remove food particles.
  • Clean the rest of your mouth – After removing your dentures, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your remaining teeth, tongue, palate, cheeks, and gums.
  • Brush your dentures every day — Clean your dentures on a daily basis with a toothbrush made specifically for cleaning dentures.
  • Soak them overnight – Dentures must stay moist to retain their shape. Ask your dentist about which type of cleansing solution you should soak them in.
  • Attend regular dental checkups – Routine checkups are still important even if you don’t have all of your natural teeth. You should also tell your dentist if you’re experiencing signs of loose dentures, like slippage and gum sores.

While it’s definitely possible to brush your dentures while they’re in your mouth, you’ll have to take them out for thorough cleanings if you want them to last a long time. By keeping your dentures as clean as possible, you’ll be able to confidently flash your pearly whites for years to come!

About the Author

Since earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas more than 40 years ago, Dr. Dennis E. Stansbury has been actively involved with various professional organizations. For example, he is a member of the Southwest Academy of Restorative Dentistry and a Fellow of the American College of Dentists. He provides high-quality dentures in Tyler, TX, and can gladly teach you tips for cleaning dentures. You can reach him via his website or by phone at (903) 561-1122.

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