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Are You Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard?

August 20, 2021

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young woman brushing teeth

Brushing your teeth is a mindless habit that most people don’t think twice about, so it may surprise you to learn that there is a proper technique you should follow. Otherwise, brushing too vigorously or even with the wrong toothbrush can do more harm than good. Dental experts are sounding the alarm on overbrushing because it can lead to oral health problems and other complications. Do you think you might be guilty of this habit? Read on to find out if you’re brushing too hard and how you should do it instead.

How Does Overbrushing Damage Your Smile?

Some people believe that vigorously brushing is the best way to get their teeth feeling clean and looking brighter – but that’s far from true. It can cause gum recession and wear away the enamel on your teeth, making them look yellow and darker. Receding gums increases your risk of sensitive teeth, periodontal disease, and cavities. If left untreated, these issues can lead to the need for treatments like fillings, root canals, and even tooth extraction.

Signs You’re Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

Are you unsure whether you’re brushing your teeth too hard? Here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Your gums are receding. Have you noticed some changes in your gum line? Receding gums are a strong indication that you’re brushing too hard.
  • Your teeth feel more sensitive. If certain parts of your teeth feel colder or more sensitive than other parts, that’s the result of gum recession. Sensitivity occurs when parts of your teeth are exposed that were previously covered.
  • Your toothbrush is beaten up and flat before three months. Take a look at your toothbrush. If the bristles are splayed or worn down after less than three months of use, then you’re brushing too hard.

What Is the Right Way to Brush Your Teeth?

To prevent damage to your teeth and gums, brush your teeth properly using the following tips:

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that has the ADA seal of approval. Be sure to replace it every three months or as soon as the bristles become frayed.
  • Brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle to your gums. This technique allows the bristles to reach and clean underneath the gum line.
  • Using short, tooth-wide strokes, gently move the brush back and forth. If you’re using an electric toothbrush, let it do all the work and simply guide it over your teeth – don’t push against them!
  • Brush for two full minutes twice a day. When you’re not rushing to finish, it helps you remain mindful about brushing vigorously.

It’s important to be cautious about how you’re brushing. By using the tips outlined above, you can maintain a clean and healthy smile without damaging it!

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