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3 Methods Dentists Use When Color-matching Dental Crowns

July 25, 2023

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person speaking with their dentist about dental crowns

Have you encountered a situation where you had a severely damaged, misshapen, or discolored tooth? If you have, then you’re likely acquainted with dental crowns. These protective caps encase the entire visible portion of a tooth and are crafted to seamlessly integrate with the natural aesthetics of your smile. Moreover, they are meticulously color-matched to harmonize with the neighboring teeth. But have you ever wondered how your dentist achieves this precise color match? Keep reading to explore the techniques employed by dentists for color-matching dental crowns.

Why Teeth Are Different Colors

Have you ever questioned the factors behind the varying colors of teeth? There are a couple of potential explanations for this phenomenon. Firstly, dental crowns and fillings can undergo discoloration as time goes by, potentially resulting in an uneven hue within your smile. Furthermore, the consumption of dark or highly pigmented foods and beverages can lead to staining, resulting in uneven tooth colors.

How Your Dentist Can Create a Custom Tooth Shade

While it’s quite normal for your teeth to exhibit slight color variations, your dentist strives to ensure that your dental crowns seamlessly blend in with your overall smile. Several techniques may be employed to achieve this harmonious result:

  • Using natural light – The perception of color can vary under different lighting conditions. Dentists often prefer natural light when possible to accurately color-match dental crowns, ensuring the most precise results.
  • Controlling color contrast –Brightly colored makeup or clothing can make it challenging for your dentist to focus on assessing tooth shades. Consequently, they may request that you remove makeup and, in some cases, provide a gray apron to eliminate color interference during the color-matching process.
  • Analyzing images of adjacent teeth –Some advanced dental technologies allow dentists to analyze images of adjacent teeth to the one receiving the crown. By evaluating the color of these neighboring teeth, dentists can enhance the accuracy of matching dental crowns to achieve a natural and consistent appearance.

Your smile is a unique masterpiece, and dentists employ these meticulous techniques to ensure that dental crowns seamlessly become a part of it. They are dedicated to enhancing your beam’s natural beauty so you can keep smiling brightly!

About the Practice

Stansbury Dental boasts a seasoned and caring team of oral health experts, dedicated to providing a range of highly effective treatments to their patients in the Tyler area. If you’re dealing with severely damaged, misshapen, or discolored teeth, they offer dental crowns to enhance your smile’s appearance. They are also happy to educate you on the techniques they employ for color-matching dental crowns, ensuring transparency in the process. For further details about their services or to schedule a consultation, explore Stansbury Dental’s website or call them at (903) 561-1122.

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